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Growing up, I always had a passion for photography. My parents would work multiple jobs to support us when we were kids.  Photos were taken only on special occasions like birthdays. I was given my first disposable film camera as a child and I would take candid photos as well as scenery photos at every opportunity I got.  I loved the way that seemingly mundane moments could be captured and transformed into true beauty. Before I knew it I was stacking up film rolls eagerly waiting for them to get printed to showcase them. I guess you can say my journey started there.  As time passed my family and friends would make me the designated person for their photos. I got my first SLR  when I got my first job working as a scientist.  I couldn't wait to learn the new camera and use  it for my photos. Little did I know that this would be an adventure in itself trying to figure it  all out! There was no turning back after that. After taking photos of close ones for several years I thought of finally taking my passion to the next level and started doing it professionally in 2019. I love to capture your special moments so you can cherish them for years to come.  If you would like to know more about me and my work, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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